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Is Tom Cruise one of the 16%?

Tom Cruise at the Jack Reacher: Never Go Back premiere in 2016
Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is in the midst of filming Mission Impossible 7, and he is having some serious problems with people who are not following COVID social distancing rules during the production. According to reports, Cruise has launched in the two X-rated screaming tirades at staff who are not obeying and has threatened to fire anyone who doesn’t maintain the social distancing mandates. According to reports, several of the crew have already decided to quit rather than continuing to work with the actor.

The Daily Mail explains:

It comes after it was claimed earlier this week that five crew members on set have ‘quit’ after Tom ‘launched into a second furious rant’.

The actor is said to have given staff an X-rated dressing down after he caught them breaking UK Covid rules at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, on Tuesday.

A source claimed after news of the first outburst was made public, there has been ‘more anger’ at the already ‘tense’ production. 

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So when I ask if Tom Cruise one of the 16%, I am referring to a study being conducted by psychologists from Texas, New York, Saskatchewan and British Columbia who are studying the psychological impact that COVID has on people.

Their study revealed that there are basically three groups of people. The top tier, making up of 16% of the people, are absolutely panicked by COVID. They have extreme concerns about the virus.

The second group has moderate concerns and the bottom group has minimal concerns about COVID and believe other issues such as the damage done to business by the lockdowns is a bigger concern than the virus.

According to one of the psychologists many of the 16% who have extreme concerns about COVID also have “pre-existing anxiety-related-disorders.”

The LeaderPost explains:

Asmundson says the vast majority of respondents fall into a mid-range category of what’s referred to as the COVID Stress Syndrome — those with more moderate concerns. That category is sandwiched by those in the bottom range with few or no worries and, on the upper end, people who are very anxious.

Researchers will take a deeper look at people’s feelings toward reopening during the next phase of the project, but Asmundson says current results suggest likely responses, with those in the mid-range likely to be cautiously optimistic about reopening but those in the upper end — 16 per cent of respondents, many of whom have pre-existing anxiety-related disorders — are more likely to face the idea of leaving their homes with dread.

And the article adds that one of the concerns for some in the top 16% is that people in the bottom group do not have the same fears about COVID.

The LeaderPost writes:

The differences in perspective might also add to stresses for some as they perceive others as being less concerned or not taking appropriate steps to protect themselves and others.

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I am sure there is a lot of stress related to producing a movie in what has already stressful year, and maybe that is what got to Cruise rather than an extreme worry about COVID.

But I want to add, that the 16% with extreme concerns about COVID also includes politicians, doctors, teachers, in other words those who have the potential to impact the lives of many people.

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