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Legal challenge threatened over looming Calgary lockdown

When a senior bureaucrat in the Canadian city of Calgary stated that the city may implement a hard lockdown of all businesses for 28 days, that bureaucrats don’t consider essential, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms immediately sent a letter to the city stating it would challenge such a lockdown in court, if implemented.

The Post Millennial reports:

The firm sent a letter to Mr Sampson and Mayor Nenshi on Tuesday warning of legal action. The letter states “Your threat to lockdown the City of Calgary is a gross usurpation of authority. There is no statutory authority for your proposed exercise of this power, nor historical precedent for the use of such extraordinary authority in the history of this nation by an official such as yourself. No such power is delegated to you under the Municipal Government Act, or the Constitution of Canada. Further, you are not a medical officer of health in the Province of Alberta.”

The firm believes that the threat made by Calgary’s Emergency Management Chief is not fact based and fails to consider AHS data on actual COVID-19 deaths, hospitalizations and ICU capacity. This AHS data states that 97 percent of people who contracted COVID-19 were either asymptomatic or mildly ill. The firm also states the inaccuracy of testing and the fact that less than 3 percent of COVID-19 cases require hospitalization.

The AHS data also challenges the claim that “hospitals will be overrun”, as COVID-19 patients currently only make up 3 percent of Alberta’s hospital beds. Alberta’s provincial government also announced that ICU capacity can be expanded to 1374 beds, currently only 4 percent people in ICU have COVID-19.

In its news release, the Justice Center added these pertinent facts:

More than 27,000 Albertans die each year, including 449 deaths from opioid poisoning. Since March of 2020, 423 Albertans have died of COVID-19, less than 2% of total deaths.

Since March, there have been 1,278 people hospitalized and 220 people requiring ICU. In 2017-18, there were 3,097 people hospitalized with influenza and 249 admissions to ICU. Our hospital system did not fall apart.

The Justice Centre is a legal not profit dedicated to protecting the Charter rights of all Canadians.

READ: Constitutional law firm says they will challenge Calgary in court if they implement ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown AND Justice Centre will take Calgary “circuit-breaker” lockdown to court, if implemented

And here is a story we wrote on the hard COVID-1984 lockdown recently implemented in Manitoba that may reveal what bureaucrats are planning for Calgary. READ: Manitoba’s COVID-1984 plan to destroy small business

And we mustn’t forget Ontario:

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