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Manitoba’s COVID-1984 plan to destroy small business

The Manitoba Progressive Conservative government, led by Premier Brian Pallister, has implemented a plan to destroy the economy and small businesses in that Canadian province by initiating a COVID-1984 lockdown preventing people from buying in-store what the government has determined to be unessential items.

This means you could be in a store and on one side of the aisle you have items you can buy and on the other side, items you can’t buy.

They are also limiting the number of people who can be in a store to 25% of capacity, maximum 250. These restrictions will be in place for a significant portion of the Christmas shopping season, the highest retail sales period of the year. Many of the items classified as unessential are often the ones being bought as Christmas presents.

This will force people to purchase items online. Now these Manitoba stores are also allowed to sell online, but will be ill prepared to compete with international mega online stores as Amazon.

Unfortunately, this move by the Manitoba government could absolutely gut local businesses still reeling from the first lockdown. For many businesses, Christmas sales determine if they make it or break it.

Manitobans are already launching protests against the lockdown, READ: Manitoba’s justice minister calls actions of protesters in Steinbach unacceptable, but I suspect the longer term solution is to start a new conservative political party. This has been done in other Canadian provinces with often successful results.

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Meanwhile, epidemiologists around the world are stating that lockdowns are not the answer. Instead, governments need to focus their attention on protecting those most vulnerable to the virus:

And from Toronto, Canada we have this disturbing story about the lockdown taking place there: READ: 90-Year-Old Woman Chooses Suicide Over Facing Another Lockdown

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