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Canada PM threatens election if corruption exposed?

Canada’s federal House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario

The National Post is reporting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is threatening an election if the opposition parties continue to push for more exposure of the government’s alleged corruption in connection with the We Charity.

The We Charity received millions of dollars in handouts and contracts from the federal government, while at the same time paying substantial speaking fees to members of Trudeau’s family

The National Post reports:

OTTAWA – The Liberals are threatening to send Canadians to the polls if Parliament passes an opposition motion to create an “anti-corruption” committee, calling the Conservative proposal “ultra-partisan” and “irresponsible.”

On Monday, Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez expressed frustration at the Conservatives’ push for the committee, which would be composed of 15 MPs tasked with delving into the WE Charity scandal and other possible conflicts of interest involving the Liberals. […]

In the ethics committee, the Liberals have been filibustering debate to delay voting on a Conservative motion that orders the Speakers’ Spotlight bureau to turn over details of speaking fees paid to Trudeau and his wife, mother and brother since 2008. Opposition MPs say they want to verify how much money WE Charity and its affiliates paid the Trudeau family over the years.

READ: Liberals threaten to call election if Parliament passes ‘anti-corruption’ committee motion

And for the record all opposition parties have to agree to forming this anti-corruption committee and all have agreed, except one — the NDP.

You need to listen to the podcast below that discusses the tip of the iceberg.

The Globe and Mail provides a timeline of the We Charity scandal. READPrime Minister Trudeau and WE Charity: The story so far

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