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Pope Francis pushes communism & one world government?

Pope Francis inauguration, March 19, 2013
Credit: Fczarnowski/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

A couple of stories on Pope Francis reveals some concerns about the leader of the Roman Catholic Church which as of 2018 had 1.3 baptized adherents. Both articles focussed on a teaching entitled the new encyclical, ‘Fratelli Tutti’ (Brothers All) that the Pope gave on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020.

In the first article reported in the Daily Mail, the leader of the world’s Catholic seems to be indirectly pushing communism as the answer to the world’s woes.

The Daily Mail explains:

Pope Francis says the coronavirus pandemic has proven that the ‘magic theories’ of market capitalism have failed and that the world needs a new type of politics that promotes dialogue and solidarity. […]

He rejected the concept of an absolute right to property for individuals, stressing instead the ‘social purpose’ and common good that must come from sharing the Earth’s resources.

READ: Pope says coronavirus pandemic has proven that ‘magic theories’ of market capitalism have failed and world needs a new type of politics

Since the Pope is considered the spiritual leader of Catholics, perhaps this would be a good time to look at the spiritual side of communism.

In his poem entitled The Player, Karl Marx, the founder of communism, penned these words as he explained the spiritual roots of his philosophy:

“The hellish vapours rise and fill the brain, till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.

See this sword? The prince of darkness sold it to me.”

And this has been literally fulfilled as it is estimated that communism in its various forms have resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people worldwide. READ: 100 Years of Communism—and 100 Million Dead

Then Breitbart exposes Pope Francis’ push for a one world government, from the same sermon, that would take over running the affairs of the world.

Breitbart writes:

ROME — Pope Francis makes his best case for multilateralism in a new teaching letter, calling for more authority for supranational organizations like the United Nations.

Among the possible candidates for such a role, the pope turns his attention to the United Nations Organization, with which he enjoys close ties.

“In this regard, I would also note the need for a reform of the United Nations Organization, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth,” Francis declares, citing a text from his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

READ: Pope Francis Calls for Giving United Nations Organization ‘Real Teeth’

But Pope Francis warned of concerns that this new one world government would be taken over by a handful of countries. Breitbart explains:

“Needless to say, this calls for clear legal limits to avoid power being co-opted only by a few countries and to prevent cultural impositions or a restriction of the basic freedoms of weaker nations on the basis of ideological differences,” he writes.

Unfortunately, this was the same concern that the Apostle John had in his vision of the end times. In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John warned of a coming world government that would be taken over by three key countries with one emerging on top (Revelation 13:1-2 and Daniel 7:16-24), through which Satan will control the economic and political affairs of the world (Revelation 13:15-17).

Of course, in order for that to happen, people must first be convinced that a one world government is the answer to the world’s problems.

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