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Let’s call it a ‘worship protest’ and everything will be fine

Worship leader Sam Feucht has been holding outdoor church services across the country going to areas hard hit by rioting. During these services, God moved as people got saved, water baptized and even healed.

Predictably politicians were against these worship services because of concerns over COVID. At least that is what they claimed. Meanwhile, many of these same politicians have no problem with BLM protests even as they broke COVID regulations.

But none have been so extreme as Seattle politicians.

When word got out that Feucht was planning a worship service at Seattle’s Gas Works Park during the Labour Day weekend, city officials immediately ordered the construction of a large metal fence around the park to stop it.

The Blaze explains what happened next:

The city government in Seattle closed down a public park ahead of a planned Christian prayer rally, so the supporters held a “worship protest” service outside of the fences installed at the park instead. […]

Sean Feucht Ministries condemned the decision and called out the city’s hypocrisy on political rallies.

“This is the height of hypocrisy for the City of Seattle to turn a blind eye to riots, looting, and AntiFa, while refusing to let Christians gather in a public park to sing and worship,” said Feucht in a statement on Facebook.

Of course, it can’t officially be called a protest until you have placards and signs.
Seattle Worship service Credit: Youtube capture

READ: Seattle closes park ahead of Christian prayer rally, so supporters hold ‘worship protest’ outside instead

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