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Will Arizona lock down the state over the flu this fall?

An Australian News Report

As a result of a recent report by the CDC that 94% of people who died from Covid in the US had underlying health issues, many are questioning why whole countries and states were locked down when it was obvious that only the elderly and those with underlying health conditions needed to protected. READ: CDC: 6% of coronavirus deaths were solely from COVID-19

So many were absolutely shocked when Arizona state officials hinted that they may lockdown the state to battle the common flu, that regularly shows up each fall.

You can decide for yourself if they implied this or not:

From The Blaze:

“[Arizona] State officials Monday laid out a plan for ‘aggressively’ combating the upcoming influenza season as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, with the first step being to urge people to get a flu shot as soon as possible,” wrote the Copper Courier on Tuesday. “The state plans to increase funding for Medicaid recipients to get flu shots, combine flu-shot sites with coronavirus testing facilities, and more, while also advocating many of the same measures meant to head off the spread of COVID-19” (emphasis added).

READ: Horowitz: Politicians indicating that flu season is the new threshold for emergency powers & panic

What’s next, banning cars?

Four epidemiologists in Canada reported that the chances of a person under the age of 65 dying from the Coronavirus in Canada was the same as dying in a car accident. READ: Opinion: We are infectious disease experts. It’s time to lift the COVID-19 lockdowns

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