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What Denver’s Black leaders have to say about the rioters

Here is what two of Denver’s Black leaders had to say about the riot that took place on Saturday, Aug 22, 2020. There has been rioting in the city over the past several days by left wing extremists and anarchists:

“Last night [Saturday, Aug 22, 2020] was a riot in our city. We will not be using the word protests or march. This was a riot.”

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock

“The public needs to know you do not represent us. Stop using the color of my skin as an excuse to tear up my city. We ask you to stay home. If you aren’t going to protest peacefully, don’t come out. You will be dealt with.”

Murphy Robinson, Executive Director for Public Safety for Denver

CBS Denver describes what happened on Saturday night:

On Saturday night rioters threw fireworks at Denver police officers and started fires. They also smashed a store window in front of police.

“The anarchists that showed up last night brought weapons, they had guns, explosives, axes, machetes, they had one intent purpose and that was to harm our officers,” Murphy Robinson, Executive Director of the Denver Public Safety Department said on Sunday.

READ: 13 Arrests Result From Weekend Riots Denver Officials Say Were Led By Anarchists

Here is a photo of the 12 people arrested. Notice anything unusual:

12 people who arrested during the riots in Denver. YouTube Capture

From The Denver Post (note there were only 75 rioters):

Citing damage to Quiznos, Gov. Jared Polis calls demonstrators’ actions “criminal terrorism”

City and state officials on Sunday decried the actions of about 75 people who started fires, broke windows, injured a police officer and damaged property Saturday night during an “Abolish the Police” protest outside the Denver Police Department’s headquarters.

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