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Our fear of Covid is greater than our risk to Covid

A report out of Denver, Colorado, revealed that during a two-week period during the COVID lockdown more people died of heart attacks than the virus. The reason was because people were not calling 911 when they started having heart attack symptoms and many died at home.

The Blaze reports:

A group of doctors at Denver Health Medical Center led by Brian Stauffer were baffled by what many other hospitals have noticed across the world – that the number of people coming into emergency rooms for heart attacks plummeted during the lockdowns in late March and April. […]

On the one hand, the weekly activation of EMS calls by the Denver Health Paramedic Division, the only public ambulance service in the region, plummeted nearly by half during the shelter-in-place order between March 29 and April 11. On the other hand, the number of reported cardiac deaths at home were 2.2 times higher in 2020 compared with averaged historical controls over the same two-week period.

The doctors concluded that the lockdown orders to stay home and people’s fear of the virus resulted in them not calling 911 when they had heart attack symptoms.

And according to The Blaze, this falls in line with a recent survey conducted by Franklin Templeton that revealed how exaggerated people’s fear of COVID actually is compared to their actual risk from COVID.

The researchers noted:

This misperception translates directly into a degree of fear for one’s health that for most people vastly exceeds the actual risk: we find that the share of people who are very worried or somewhat worried of suffering serious health consequences should they contract COVID-19 is almost identical across all age brackets between 25 and 64 years old, and it’s not far below the share for people 65 and older.

The discrepancy with the actual mortality data is staggering: for people aged 18–24, the share of those worried about serious health consequences is 400 times higher than the share of total COVID deaths; for those age 25–34 it is 90 times higher. The chart below truly is worth a thousand words:

And they supplied this chart that show people’s perceived fear of COVID by age group (blue), compared to the risk of death from COVID for their age group (green).

READ: Horowitz: Study: In 2 weeks in Denver, more people died of heart attacks in lockdown than of coronavirus

Every age group, except one, had a massively exaggerated fear of COVID. Ironically only one group (65+), those most susceptible to COVID, reported less fear than their vulnerability to the virus.

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