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Why are the rich fleeing California?

Hollywood Sign Credit: Sörn/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Danny O’Brien, the manager of Watford Moving & Storage, said the moving business is booming in California and not only are people moving to the suburbs, but many of the rich and famous are actually fleeing the state. O’Brien blames it on the state’s “politics.” (RELATED: Joe Rogan Abandons California Over Lockdown, High Taxes: ‘This Place Is Going To Sink’)

The Daily Wire explains:

A new report from the Daily Mail claims that the rich and famous, who make up much of Los Angeles’ tax base, are fleeing the city “in droves” over the unrest, coronavirus-related restrictions, and municipal mismanagement that has resulted in a crime wave.

“A makeshift tent city made up of flapping tarpaulins and cardboard boxes surround [Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former] gym on all sides,” the Daily Mail reports of downtown L.A. “Junkies and the homeless, many of whom are clearly mentally ill, walk the palm-lined streets like zombies – all just three blocks from multi-million-dollar homes overlooking the Pacific.”

“Stolen bicycles are piled high on pavements littered with broken syringes,” the outlet continues. “TV bulletins are filled with horror stories from across the city; of women being attacked during their morning jog or residents returning home to find strangers defecating in their front gardens.”

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And if you want evidence that people are fleeing the state you only have to look at a recent bill slated to be introduced in the California state legislature. (Note it hasn’t been introduced yet and may not pass.)  

Democrat Rob Bonta is proposing a wealth tax on people who have more than $30 million in assets. It would involve a .4% tax on what they own. This would include cash, cars, stocks, paintings, furniture, etc, but would not include homes as they have a property tax.

But buried in that legislation is evidence people are leaving California, because the tax would be still be imposed on individuals even if they move out of California and would apply for ten years after they have left the state.

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