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Green energy + heat wave = rolling black outs in CA

California is the home of green energy, windmills and solar power. But because of its green policies, the state is warning people and businesses to brace for rolling power black outs in the midst of the heat wave that is expected to last until Wednesday.

Yes, Californians will not have power to air condition their homes and businesses. There are concerns people could die from the triple digit heat.

Forbes explains:

Millions of Californians were denied electrical power and thus air conditioning during a heatwave, raising the risk of heatstroke and death, particularly among the elderly and sick. 

The blackouts come at a time when people, particularly the elderly, are forced to remain indoors due to Covid-19.

As the state mothballed nuclear and natural gas energy, Forbes says that Californians paid dearly for the privilege of being the green capital of the US:

California saw its electricity prices rise six times more than the rest of the United States from 2011 to 2019, due to its huge expansion of renewables.

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Breitbart outlines some unreliability issues associated with Green energy like lack of wind (common during heat waves). There was also a problem of too many clouds out in the desert:

Officials blamed the “unexpected loss of a 470-megawatt power plant Saturday evening, as well as the loss of nearly 1,000 megawatts of wind power,” the San Jose Mercury News reported. In addition, cloud cover over the desert meant solar energy was in short supply.

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