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So how many people actually have COVID in the US?

A high profile case exposes some problems that we are running into with COVID false positive test results. Of course, this is in addition to people dying from alcohol poisoning and motorcycle accidents being listed as Covid deaths.

With President Trump planning to visit Ohio, as part of protocol, the state’s Governor Mike DeWine was tested for COVID-19 because he would be greeting the president as he got off the plane.

Gov. DeWine actually tested positive for the virus, but showed no symptoms.

This is not surprising since 80% of the people who come down with the virus have minimal or no symptoms.

But then Gov. DeWine went for a second COVID test.

Sean Hannity explains what happened next:

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine tested negative for CoVID-19 Thursday after initially testing positive for the disease before meeting President Trump in the battleground state.

“In a second COVID-19 test administered today in Columbus, Governor Mike DeWine has tested negative for COVID-19. First Lady Fran DeWine and staff members have also all tested negative,” posted the Governor on Twitter.

READ: UPDATE: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Tests Negative for CoVID After Initially Testing Positive

Of course, the obvious question is why would a person go for a second test, unless there was some lurking suspicions about the accuracy of the first test.

And then there was this case of a different kind of false positive involving a social justice warrior.

The New York Post explains:

An Arizona State University professor who posted on Twitter for years about social justice issues and recently detailed her fight with COVID-19 was said to have died last week — but she actually never existed.

BethAnn McLaughlin — who announced the made-up professor’s death on July 31 — admitted to The New York Times on Tuesday that she was behind the hoax.

“I take full responsibility for my involvement in creating the @sciencing_bi Twitter account,” she said in a statement through her lawyer.

READ: Scientist says she made up Twitter account for Arizona State prof who ‘died’ of COVID-19

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