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Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey were water baptized together in July

Justin and Hailey being water baptized by Judah Smith Photo: Justin Bieber Instagram

Several secular media outlets have reported on how pop superstar Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, were baptized together in an Idaho lake in July.

The baptisms were performed by Judah Smith who pastors Churchome in Seattle, Washington.

Several family members and at least one celebrity, E! host Jason Kennedy, were present at the baptism. Jason described it as “one of the top moments of my life doing this with you.”

Justin shared the experience with his 143 million followers on Instagram writing:

“The moment @haileybieber my wife and I got baptized together! This was one of [the] most special moments of my life. Confessing our love and trust in Jesus publicly with our friends and family.”

The pop star received nearly 4.5 million likes for the post.

Justin was previously baptized in 2014 by New York Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. When Lentz was unable to find a swimming pool for the water baptism, they approached seven-foot NBA star Tyson Chandler and were able to use his extra-large sized bathtub. The baptism apparently took place a 3 A.M.

We are saved the moment we believe that Jesus died for our sins. We can only be saved once.

But I don’t think there is a limit on how many times we can be water baptized, which is an outward testimony and expression of our faith.

In an interesting analogy, the Apostle Paul compared water baptism to the Israelis going through the waters of the Red Sea. It was a symbol of them leaving behind their old life in Egypt and moving on to their new life in the Promised land. As the water closed on the Egyptian army that was in pursuit, it represented death to this old life.

But the Apostle Paul did an interesting thing:

10 For I do not want you to be ignorant of the fact, brothers and sisters, that our ancestors were all under the cloud and that they all passed through the sea. They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea. They all ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ. (1 Corinthians 10:1-4 NIV)

Notice how Paul likened water baptism to two things that Israel went through during their wilderness wanderings — going under the cloud and passing through the sea. The Israelis were baptized twice — two baptisms.

I am not suggesting that we need to be baptized twice, once is completely fine. All I am suggesting is that there is nothing wrong with being baptized more than once.

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