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81% of US Blacks do NOT want police funding cut?

Credit: Matti Blume (MB-one)/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

A new Gallup poll released on Wednesday (Aug. 5, 2020) suggests that 61% of Blacks in America do not want funding for police cut and 20% implied that they actually wanted the funding for police increased.

Actually the question Gallup asked was this: Do people want to “maintain or increase” the police presence in their neighbourhoods? But in my mind that was ultimately a question on police spending, without wording it directly.

The 20% Blacks who want to see a greater police presence in their neighbourhoods was even higher than the small minority of blacks, 19%, who want to see a reduced presence.

The numbers were similar in other groups as well.

The Blaze writes:

Similarly, 59 percent of Hispanic Americans said they want police presence to remain the same, as do 63 percent of Asian Americans. Seventy-one percent of white Americans concurred. Notably, 24 percent of Hispanic Americans said they want to see officers spend “more time” in their area, versus 17 percent who said “less time.”

So, of course, this poll reveals the views of the silent majority and exposes that the push to defund or dismantle the police is being driven by a small minority of radical, left-wing extremists.

READ: 81% of Black Americans Want To Maintain or Increase Police Presence in Their Neighborhood

RELATED: And not surprisingly, since a small group of left wing extremists is clearly driving the agenda in Oregon, Portland’s NW Film Center recently pulled the movie, Kindergarten Cop” from its drive-in theatre line-up after complaints that the movie “romanticizes over policing.”

According to reports, a group of leftists, basically piled on NW Film Center through social media forcing it to bend the knee. READ: ‘Kindergarten Cop’ scrapped from theater lineup following claim that it ‘romanticizes over-policing’

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