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ESPN mocks injury of Christian NBA player

During a recent NBA game with Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic player, Jonathan Isaac, was the only player on both teams who didn’t kneel during the US national anthem. Isaac, a first round draft pick in 2017, was the first NBA player this year not to kneel during an NBA game.

When asked after the show why he didn’t kneel, Isaac, a devout Christian, said:

“I don’t think kneeling or putting on a T-shirt for me personally is the answer … for me, black lives are supported through the gospel. All lives are supported through the gospel.”

However, a few days later, in a game against the Sacramento Kings, Isaac suffered a devastating, possibly career-ending injury.

The Blaze explains what happened next:

By Monday, “The Dan Le Batard Show” apparently thought Isaac’s injury was fodder for karma speculation, and created a Twitter poll effectively saying as much.

The poll read, “Is it funny that the guy who refused to knee immediately blew out his knee?”

Needless to say, the majority of voters insisted that Isaac’s possible career-ending injury was not, in fact, funny.

Fifty-four percent of voters said “no,” while 46 percent answered “yes.” Before the poll was yanked, it received more than 9,000 votes.

Though the tweet was quickly deleted within an hour, it reflects the current state affairs at the once popular ESPN sport’s channel that has become increasingly political in its coverage.

READ: ESPN’s ‘Le Batard Show’ creates Twitter poll asking if it’s ‘funny’ that Jonathan Isaac — who refused to kneel during national anthem — suffered gruesome injury

But Isaac has some big time support from former NFL Super Bowl winning coach, Tony Dungy. READ: ‘I Say Amen’: Tony Dungy supports lone NBA ‘Magic’ anthem stander

Others showed their support as well. READ: Magic’s Jonathan Isaac jersey sales surge ad he stood for national athem while others kneel

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