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Peaceful riots spreading to Richmond and Atlanta?

Is Atlanta next?

With mayors in Portland and Seattle standing idly by as left-wing radicals riot in their cities, it appears that this model for anarchy is spreading to other cities, in an act of solidarity with the Portland rioters.

One of the next cities targeted for peaceful riots appears to be Atlanta. The Blaze reports on a message the leaders share with their supporters on an encrypted chat app:

“In solidarity with Portland last night, a crowd gathered in Atlanta outside the DHS/ICE office. These agencies are directly responsible for ruining untold numbers of lives, and for the violent policing of the Portland protests,” an email from the group said, in part, according to WXIA. “We will fight with everything we’ve got against [President Donald] Trump’s private police force, against authoritarian and despotic governance. What the police produce, above all, are their own grave-diggers. Their fall and the victory of the ungovernable are equally inevitable.”

And according to the police in Richmond, Virginia, a flyer calling for protests in that city, “carried a tone of ‘intimidation’ and ‘wanting to produce fear,’ the police chief said.”

READ: It’s spreading: Leftists riot in Atlanta, Richmond, other US cities in solidarity with Portland militants

And of course, we all know these are just peaceful demonstrations.

PORTLAND: It’s alleged the peaceful demonstrators in Portland thew Molotov Cocktails at federal officers last night. READ: Violence erupts in Portland as rioters hurl Molotov Cocktails.

Call it a coincidence, but Portland police found a bag earlier in the day with loaded rifle clips and Molotov Cocktails at one of the encampments used by the peaceful protestors. READ: Portland police respond to shootings at protests, find a bag filled with loaded rifle magazines and molotov cocktails

ATLANTA: According to an FBI report, the peaceful demonstrators in Atlanta had embedded nails in their fireworks. READ: EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta ‘Protesters’ Embedded Nails into Fireworks, Leaked FBI Document States

SEATTLE: In Seattle, the city police chief warned business owners that they were on their own during the city’s peaceful riots. READ: Seattle Police Chief to Residents, Business Owners: You’re on Your Own

The Seattle police chief then tweets why the residents of Seattle are on their own:

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