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Peaceful riots spreading to Richmond and Atlanta?

With mayors in Portland and Seattle standing idly by as left-wing radicals riot in their cities, it appears that this model for anarchy is spreading to other cities, in an act of solidarity with the Portland rioters.

Grandfather pleads: ‘We Need More Police’

With demands by left-wing radicals to defund or fully dismantle police, a horrified grandfather told reporters “We need more police” after his 11-year-old black grandson was killed at an “anti-violence” cook out. The Daily Wire explains what happened: Over the weekend, an 11-year-old child was shot and killed by stray gunfire after leaving an “anti-violence” cookout put on by his mother Crystal McNeal, a so-called “violence interrupter” in D.C., where she works to stop potential violence by speaking to the area’s most hardened criminals. The criminals connected to young Davon’s death remain at large, though a report from The Washington Post published on Sunday suggests gang activity might have been related to the shooting; Davon, of course, not being a target but an innocent bystander. As the cookout ended, Davon left to retrieve a phone charger and earbuds. At the same time, police say about five men started shooting at one another on a street nearby the cookout. READ: 11-Year-Old Black Child Shot And Killed After ‘Anti-Violence’ Cookout; Grandfather: ‘We Need More Police’ An eight-year-old black girl was killed …