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Why is Communist China sending seeds to Americans?

Reports are coming in that Americans in several states, including Delaware, Arizona, Louisiana, Kansas, Virginia, Utah and Washington, are receiving seeds mailed from Communist China. And in order to get through customs, the senders are fraudulently labelling the seeds as jewellery.

The people receiving these seeds had not ordered them, and many are originating from Suzhou, a city located in Eastern China. Though most are originating in the communist regime, seeds are also being mailed from other countries including Malaysia and Kyrgyzstan.

The government is warning people not to plant these seeds, because it has no ideas what these plants are.

The Blaze reports on Virginia’s response and concerns:

The Virginia Department of Agriculture added, “The types of seeds in the packages are unknown at this time and may be invasive plant species. The packages were sent by mail and may have Chinese writing on them.”

Further, the department noted, “The seeds are sent in packages usually stating that the contents are jewelry. Unsolicited seeds could be invasive, introduce diseases to local plants, or be harmful to livestock.”

READ: US citizens across the country are receiving mysterious packets of seeds from unknown Chinese mailers: report

The Daily Mail reports that the same thing is happening in the United Kingdom:

The Daily Mail writes:

Horticulturalists have issued a warning after ‘hundreds’ of British gardeners received unsolicited deliveries of seeds thought to have been sent from China.

The mysterious packages have been posted to customers who previously made legitimate seed purchases through sites such as Amazon marketplace and eBay.

But many of the gardeners were left baffled after receiving unexpected deliveries – which were not paid for – marked as ‘petals’ and ‘ear studs’, potentially to avoid customs checks.

Again, the UK is warning people not to plant the seeds.

READ: Hundreds of British gardeners ‘receive unsolicited deliveries of garden seeds sent from China marked as ear studs’

Perhaps it is not surprising that both the UK and US have taken a very hard stance against China’s despotic communist regime.

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