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Study: Covid ICU deaths have dropped by a third

According to a recent study by the University of Bristol, the number of people in critical care dying from coronavirus has dropped by a third since the early days of the pandemic. This is the second study to report the decline.

The Daily Mail explains:

The chance of surviving coronavirus after falling critically ill has risen significantly since the start of the pandemic, research suggests. 

Analysis by the University of Bristol shows the proportion of patients dying from Covid-19 in ICU has plummeted by a third since March.

Scientists reviewed more than 20 studies from around the world which involved  10,000 volunteers in total to come to the conclusion.

The authors attribute this decline to better care as doctors become more effective in handling the disease.

READ: Covid-19 intensive care mortality rates have fallen by a THIRD since the start of pandemic, study claims

As mentioned, this is the second study to report on the significant drop in deaths from Covid: READCOVID-19 patients’ ICU death rates are quickly dropping: Study

While both studies stated better care was a contributing factor to the drop in deaths, a top Italian doctors has also suggested that the virus’s potency has weakened over the past few months.  READCoronavirus becoming much less lethal, virus is losing its ‘potency,’ top doctor reveals

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