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Black woman paints over BLM words in New York

Black Lives Matter painted on street in front of Trump Towers in New York City.

In early July, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio authorized the painting of the words Black Lives Matter (BLM), in huge block letters, on the street in front of Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue. In fact, Mayor de Blasio helped paint one of the letters.

Most believe de Blasio authorized the painting to antagonize the country’s president, Donald Trump, who owns the tower.

But not all blacks are in agreement with the messaging of the BLM, that seems to have taken a turn to the extreme political left. In a video, one of the founders of BLM claims to be a trained Marxist.

Recently, a black woman, Bevelyn Beatty, decided to paint over the words on the street with black paint. A Christian, Beatty believes all lives matter, and she also does not want police funding cut, a reference to Mayor de Blasio’s push to have $1 billion cut from the city’s police budget.

Beatty, who leads a ministry called The Well Ministries, was arrested by police.

The Daily Wire writes:

On Saturday, activist and At The Well Ministries founder Bevelyn Beatty poured black paint over the Black Lives Matter slogan painted on a New York City street — a mural sanctioned by far-left Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Bevelyn Beatty, a black Christian woman, wore a t-shirt that said “Jesus Matters” and repeatedly called for the refunding of the police as she poured black paint over the far-left movement’s slogan.

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In an Instagram post, explaining her decision to paint over the words, Beatty says that people need to take the country back from the radicals.

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