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“The church has left the building”: California Revival?

Huntington Beach Revival meeting July 10, 2020 Credit: Sean Feucht/Facebook

It has even caught the attention of the LA Times that is reporting a revival is breaking out on the beaches of California — Huntington Beach to be exact.

It’s partially in response to California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent hypocritical ruling limiting church services to maximum of 100 and disallowing singing or chanting, while putting no limits on demonstrations, and in fact is encouraging them, where he allows people to shout and chant all they want.

So in protest, Sean Feucht, who is a worship leader at Bethel Church, in Redding, California, and others decided to hold a church service at Huntington Beach on Friday, July 10, 2020 in defiance of Gov Newsom’s edict.

Part of the Huntington Beach church service

Let’s call it a “worship protest” and include some signs and everything should be fine. Sean has also started an organization called “Hold the Line“to fight government’s intrusion in the life of the church.

Worship at the Golden Gate Bridge, July 9, 2020 Credit: Sean Feucht

Writing for the LA Times, Hillary Davis describes what happened at Huntington Beach:

There is a revival taking place on the sand at Huntington Beach.

On Friday, at least 200 evangelical Christian faithful gathered near lifeguard tower 20 to hear the word and be motivated to spread it. They sang and raised their hands skyward in praise.

During the Friday service many people received Christ and several were also water baptized in the Pacific Ocean.

Jessie Green, who helped organize the event, that will continue on Fridays through July, told the LA Times that she and her husband moved to California from New York after Jessie received a vision of mass baptisms taking place at the same location while visiting California earlier.

It was Jessie who told the cheering crowd that “the church has left the building.”

It is hard to say where this will go. But remember there were only 120 people in the upper room that led to the Holy Spirit falling on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 1:15).

The group is hoping that to see crowds upwards of 2,000 people at the beach services.

Fox News reported on a meeting that took place the day before (Thursday, July 9, 2020) near the Golden Gate Bridge involving 300 to 400 people who gathered to worship.

It was also led by Sean Feucht, who told Fox News:

“We were protesting with worship.

“Nobody was angry. We were just like, we want to worship. We want to declare a blessing over the state of California. When they persecute and discriminate, we bless. We want to release hope and we want to unify the sound of the church.

“In response to the ban on singing, I believe, either one, it’s hypocrisy, because the state officials are largely encouraging protests, and I’m not discouraging them, and at worst, it’s discrimination against the church because we can’t meet in groups more than 100.”

One of the most powerful revivals in the last century was the Jesus People movement that started among young people in California during the 60s and 70s and resulted in hundreds of thousands of young people in the Hippy subculture getting saved.

It quickly spread into the universities where I was saved and was part of a young people’s Hippy church for several years, where I like to say that everyone had long hair, even the girls.


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