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73% of Americans ‘do not’ want police funding cut

A recent poll conducted by Pew Research discovered that an overwhelming percentage of American DO NOT WANT the police defunded. In fact, more Americans (31%) want to see funding for the police increased than those who want to see funding for the police decreased (25%).

And it appears that the majority of those who want police funding decreased, are not really convinced it’s a great idea, because they only want a token cut.

The Blaze explains:

A plurality of Americans, 42%, said that they want the funding for police to stay the same. Another 31% of Americans said they want funding for police to increase.

Both of those groups are larger than the group that called for the defunding of police only 25% of those polled.

Of those who want the police defunded, 12% said they wanted police funding to decrease by a “a lot,” while 14% said they wanted police funding to decrease “a little.”

READ: New poll shows very few Americans want to defund police

The poll suggests that a small and extreme left wing minority is driving the agenda pushing for the defunding of police across America.

So, now we need to ask the obvious question, who is running Seattle City Council? It would certainly appear not to be average Americans as reports suggest the council is on the verge of cutting police funding by 50%. READ: Seattle City Council seems ready to defund police by 50 percent

Here is brief introduction to one member of Seattle’s city council, Kshama Sawant. READ: Socialist Seattle council member vows to replace capitalism with socialism worldwide

Any guesses which way she will vote on police defunding?

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