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Embracing your rest?

“Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

What does ‘rest’ in God mean to me?

Personally, I can rest in God because Jesus has made me ‘enough’ and in the eyes of God I will always be enough despite my mistakes, failures and shortcomings.

Truly, there is a liberation that takes place when one accepts Christ as their personal  Saviour. No more worry about heaven or hell.  Eternity is secured because of the rich red blood of Christ that flowed down the cross to redeem the world from sin.

Through Christ’s death, we become a ‘friend of God’ and we are no longer a slave to the law of religious dos and don’ts.   

A relationship with our Heavenly Father becomes easy knowing we are deeply loved as a ‘child of God’. We can talk with Him, confess our sin, failures and shortcomings and then move on, no longer restricted by them.

But it takes faith, believing what God says about you, and then trust, resting in that faith.

Resting takes place when I quit the emotional striving to impress others and accept that I am valued in Christ. Resting takes place when I quit fighting things I can’t change, and trusting that God will care for me as His child.

Because ‘I am enough’ in His eyes, I choose the narrow path of life that God has prepared for me. Distractions are removed as people-pleasing diminishes and the light on my personal path becomes clearer. 

As we rest, trusting our Heavenly Father, we begin to recognize His voice in the midst of confusion, distraction, and people.

Our final destination is eternity and learning to live and walk in our gifts and calling through the ups and downs, failures, good times and bad times brings joy knowing that ‘I am always enough.’

I am forgiven.

I am a work in progress.

I can rest.

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