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Child sexually assaulted in Powderhorn Park’s no-police zone

I wrote earlier about Powderhorn Park, a small community in Minneapolis, where a bunch of left-leaning women living in the park decided to set up a no-police zone for drug dealers, addicts, left wing radicals and their ilk.

The group not only convinced Powderhorn residents to allow the encampment in a neighbourhood park, but had the residents vow not to call the police if these people broke the law.

The encampment quickly grew from 25 tents to 200.

Everyone knew what was going to happen next. And now Powderhorn residents are calling on the state and municipal government to bail them out.

Not only has there been vandalism and thefts, but recently, a juvenile was sexually assaulted in the no-police zone, and on cue no one called the police.

The Blaze writes:

Minneapolis Park Police say that a juvenile was sexually assaulted late Thursday night in one of the homeless encampments inside Powderhorn Park, where neighbors have boycotted the police in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

According to WCCO-TV, the child was transported to Abbott Northwestern Hospital early Friday morning, but the individuals who took him there did not call the police. Upon the child’s arrival, staff at the hospital notified law enforcement.

And for the record, it wasn’t me who called them left wing radicals:

Residents of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood, which was described by the New York Times in a report last week as “a haven to leftist activists and bohemian artists,” vowed not to involve police as a way to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Many residents said they would look the other way regarding property damage, even to their own homes.

If, you would like to know more about the wonderful things happening in this Marxist utopia now overrun by crime in the heart of Powderhorn Park: READ: Child sexually assaulted in Minnesota park where neighbors swore off calling the police

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