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Did Communist China’s 3 Gorges Dam spring a leak?

If this is true, China’s Communist Dictator for life, Xi Jinping, is not having a good day. More importantly neither are the people living downstream from the Three Gorges Dam.

Rumours are circulating that the Three Gorges Dam has sprung a leak as a result of high rainfalls that are pushing the dam’s capabilities to the limit:

Jan — I got message that 3 Gorges is overflowing. Working to confirm.

— Michael Yon (@Michael_Yon) June 27, 2020

Videos are being released purported to be of the flooding:

More videos here, here, and here.

New update: Some suspect their beloved Communist dictators have opened the gates to prevent the dam from breaking.

But people have been warning about dam’s vulnerabilities for several years now. But I will let Viet Reader explain some of those concerns:

At least one Chinese scientist, hydrologist Wang Weiluo, is questioning the dam’s integrity, given numerous cracks observed and substandard concrete used in construction. […]

Scientist Wang Weiluo said that the Three Gorges Dam was not as stable as many people thought. … Mr. Wang pointed out that the design, construction and quality assessment of the dam were all done by the same expert teams and the project completion time was too fast.

In addition, Mr. Wang also said that the biggest concern was the cracks and the quality of concrete did not meet the standards during the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. According to him, if the dam breaks, there will be catastrophic consequences for people living in the lower Changjiang River and warning people to prepare for evacuation as soon as possible.

READ: Massive flooding in south China Three Gorges Sanxia Dam at risk of collapse any time

Check the photo at Epoch Times that show an image of the dam in 2009 compared to 2018 and that was before the massive rainfall in 2020.

Note: you will need to make an account with Epoch Times to read this article. READ: Integrity of China’s Three Gorges Dam Called Into Question

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