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Powderhorn Park: The moral dilemma of not calling police

The little community of Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis decided to become a haven for the homeless, drug dealers and their addicts. A group convinced park residents to allow them to occupy a local park and pledge not call the police if some broke the law by stealing, selling drugs and committing vandalism.

Yes, another no police zone.

In a matter of two weeks, the drug utopia grew from 25 tents to 200 and a bustling community of over 300 people. And because people pledged not to call the police, everyone knew what was going to happen next. Everyone except the people of Powderhorn Park, it seems.

The Daily Wire explains:

The New York Times reports that Powderhorn Park residents — mostly left-leaning white women — were instrumental in declaring their town a “safe zone” for the underprivileged and pressing the town’s residents to agree to a pact not to call the police or other public safety resources if they felt threatened. After all, their opposition to crimes, including property damage and theft, was born of white privilege.

“In light of Floyd’s police-involved death,” the New York Post added, “residents there have vowed to avoid calling the cops, feeling that doing so could put people of color in danger. But now with hundreds of outsiders flooding the park — drawing in more car traffic, including drug dealers, and resulting in at least two overdoses — the neighbors are facing a moral dilemma.”

Some park residents are even scared of letting their children go outside to play.

Apparently, many are having second thoughts about this failed social experiment and are calling on the city and state government to bail them out of their mess. There is even a subtle hint that they believe Powderhorn’s problem is actually the state’s fault.

It seems, no one wants to take personal responsibility for their actions anymore.

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