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UN deletes tweet criticizing criticism of ANTIFA

When the UN issued a tweet defending ANTIFA from accusations that it is a Marxist terrorist organization:

UN #HumanRights experts express profound concern over a recent statement by the US Attorney-General describing #Antifa and other anti-fascist activists as domestic terrorists, saying it undermines the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country.

— UN Geneva (@UNGeneva) June 19, 2020

Several responded.

Aside from dozens of tweets calling for the US to defund the UN, many took the opportunity to do a “best of the worst” of UN behaviour over the past few years.

It got so bad that the UN finally deleted its tweet: READ: UN Deletes Pro-Antifa Tweet After Massive Public Backlash

The Daily Wire noted the obvious:

The tweet from the U.N. comes after the organization appointed communist China to its Human Rights Council, despite the fact that China has millions locked up in concentration camps, engages in forced organ harvesting, has a surveillance state that restricts the rights of its citizens, and has engaged in widespread discrimination against Africans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

READ: United Nations Faces Intense Backlash After Defending Antifa From Accusations Of Terrorism

Several pointed to the UN’s uncanny ability to completely ignore China’s human right abuses. One tweet asked if the UN would condemn China next for its treatment of people living in Hong Kong:

Another wondered if the UN would criticize China for barring freedom of speech:

Reminder that the UN elevates the Chinese Communist Party, and dozens upon dozens of countries that explicitly bar free speech by law

— Benjamin Weingarten (@bhweingarten) June 20, 2020

One tweet listed some freedom-loving countries that are part of the UN’s Human Rights Council:

Though the following tweet was sent out before the controversy, it lists a few of those countries:

China was just elected to sit on the UN Human Rights Council—despite infecting the world with this deadly virus

Other members to have been voted on to this human rights council:

Saudi Arabia

Remind me again why the US pays 22% of the UN budget?

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) April 5, 2020

Another tweet shared the UN’s history of sexual abuse:

Here are a couple of the articles that this tweet was referring to: UN aid workers raped 60,000 people as it’s claimed organization employs 3,300 pedophiles AND UN peacekeepers in Haiti ran child sex rings, raped women: AP investigation

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