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China’s Communist regime goes rogue?

According to reports, China’s communist regime has allegedly launched a massive cyberattack against Australia. The attacks have targeted government agencies, businesses and critical infrastructure.

The Daily Mail reports:

China was today blamed for a massive cyber-attack on Australia amid an escalating feud between the two nations. 


Australian PM Scott Morrison said the country was under attack from a ‘sophisticated state-based actor’ targeting companies, hospitals, schools and government officials.


Mr Morrison did not name the country, but government sources say there is a ‘high degree of confidence that China is behind the attacks’. …

Security chiefs say the hackers are using the so-called ‘spear-phishing’ method to steal sensitive login details by sending scam emails, and carrying out regular ‘reconnaissance’ to find weak points in Australia’s defences.

So why has the country’s despot, President Xi Jinping, allegedly gone rogue?

Many suspect Jinping is upset that Australia is calling for an investigation into China’s role in covering up the Coronavirus. Some believe the Communist regime is trying to bully Australia into bending the knee.

But I suspect the Chinese people would like some answers too?

READ: China is blamed for huge cyber attack on Australian businesses, schools and hospitals amid increasing war of words between Canberra and Beijing over calls for international inquiry into COVID-19

And maybe it is just a coincidence, but Amazon has been reporting similar issues: READ: Amazon says it spent three days fighting off the largest denial of service cyber attack ever recorded

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