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Is the Chinese Communist Party threatening a US pastor?

It is being alleged that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is trying to intimidate a Christian pastor living in the Midland, Texas, US. Because of the threats against his life, Pastor Bob Fu, along with his family, have gone into hiding with the help of the FBI.

China: University of Virginia Researcher charged

There have been several reports recently of academics and researchers in the U.S. being charged for allegedly receiving funding under Communist China’s Thousand Talents program. It is alleged that the Communist Party of China uses this funding to access research that these individuals are conducting on behalf of the American government. In order to receive American funding, individuals must acknowledge that they are not receiving funding from China’s Communist Party (CCP). But this isn’t the only way it happens. The Daily Caller writes about a recent incident involving a researcher from the University of Virginia who allegedly was trying to leave the country with valuable research: A researcher at the University of Virginia who was arrested while trying to board a plane to China with allegedly stolen research has been charged with federal crimes, including theft of trade secrets, the Justice Department announced Friday. Haizhou Hu, 34, a Chinese national, roused the suspicions of authorities after a routine screening at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Aug. 25 as he was trying to board a flight to China. …

Communist China forcing pastors to praise Xi Jinping in sermons, but there is good news

It is unfortunately a good news, bad news scenario. Bitter Winter, an online magazine reporting on religious freedom in Communist China, recently reported that pastors of churches, closed due to COVID, are being told that in order to reopen, they must both praise China’s current Communist tyrant, Xi Jinping, and criticize America in their sermons. These involve churches that are part of the Communist party approved Three-self churches. Essentially, the church pastors must preach Communist Party propaganda instead of sermons from the Bible. Bitter Winter reports that in Henan, 11 churches were not allowed to reopen, because Communist censors did not pre-approve the sermons prepared by their pastors. When pastors did comply, church members were very critical of sermons that lacked any spiritual message. One church member from Henan told Bitter Winter: The government said that churches must preach about national affairs if they want to reopen. With Xi Jinping’s speeches as the main content, it’s better for churches not to reopen.” “Those preachers who agree to preach politics just want their churches to be …

Was TikTok spying on its users?

For now, let’s just set aside the fact, that TikTok, one of the more popular social media apps in the world, is owned by a business in Communist China. TikTok is a popular video sharing app with about 800 million users and in some younger age groups it is starting to match YouTube in popularity.

China’s Communist regime goes rogue?

According to reports, China’s communist regime has allegedly launched a massive cyberattack against Australia. The attacks have targeted government agencies, businesses and critical infrastructure. The Daily Mail reports: China was today blamed for a massive cyber-attack on Australia amid an escalating feud between the two nations.  . Australian PM Scott Morrison said the country was under attack from a ‘sophisticated state-based actor’ targeting companies, hospitals, schools and government officials. . Mr Morrison did not name the country, but government sources say there is a ‘high degree of confidence that China is behind the attacks’. … … Security chiefs say the hackers are using the so-called ‘spear-phishing’ method to steal sensitive login details by sending scam emails, and carrying out regular ‘reconnaissance’ to find weak points in Australia’s defences. So why has the country’s despot, President Xi Jinping, allegedly gone rogue? Many suspect Jinping is upset that Australia is calling for an investigation into China’s role in covering up the Coronavirus. Some believe the Communist regime is trying to bully Australia into bending the knee. But …

Why you can’t believe China’s Communist Party?

Anyone who believes anything put out by China’s Communist Party needs to give their head a shake and the Hong Kong Free Press recently showed us why. China’s Communist Party is taking advantage of the COVID crisis to crack down on those in Hong Kong seeking freedom and democracy. In the process, Communist China is also breaking its agreement with Great Britain allowing Hong Kong to remain a semi-autonomous state until 2047. Many are opposed to recent legislation that Beijing ordered Hong Kong to pass that criminalizes any who disrespect China’s national anthem. And those opposed to the legislation decided to organize a protest. The Global Times is one of the communist party’s official/unofficial propaganda machines and it made a major oopsy when it sent out a tweet condemning the protests as “illegal activities”: “Hong Kong Police condemned the illegal activities of an online organization on Wednesday, including paralyzing traffic to encircle the legislative council of the HKSAR, and vowed to conduct strict law-enforcement and show no tolerance for illegal acts.” They even cited a …

Why is China’s Communist Party punishing people who contract COVID-19?

According to Fox News, the Chinese government is now punishing anyone and/or their family members who contract the coronavirus in that country. This includes people attending funerals of those who died from the coronavirus. Many believe this is happening because coming down with the virus brings shame to government as it exposes the incompetence and lies of President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party of China.