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China: University of Virginia Researcher charged

There have been several reports recently of academics and researchers in the U.S. being charged for allegedly receiving funding under Communist China’s Thousand Talents program.

It is alleged that the Communist Party of China uses this funding to access research that these individuals are conducting on behalf of the American government. In order to receive American funding, individuals must acknowledge that they are not receiving funding from China’s Communist Party (CCP).

But this isn’t the only way it happens. The Daily Caller writes about a recent incident involving a researcher from the University of Virginia who allegedly was trying to leave the country with valuable research:

A researcher at the University of Virginia who was arrested while trying to board a plane to China with allegedly stolen research has been charged with federal crimes, including theft of trade secrets, the Justice Department announced Friday.

Haizhou Hu, 34, a Chinese national, roused the suspicions of authorities after a routine screening at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Aug. 25 as he was trying to board a flight to China. “The screening revealed Hu was alleged to be in possession of bio-inspired research simulation software code that he was not authorized to possess,” the statement said.

READ: University Of Virginia Researcher Charged After Trying To Board Flight To China While Allegedly In Possession Of Stolen Research

US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE: University of Virginia Researcher Charged with Theft of Trade Secrets and Computer Intrusion

This past week, a Texas A&M professor doing research for NASA was arrested for allegedly lying about his ties to the CCP. READ: Texas A&M Professor Arrested For Allegedly Lying About China Ties While Accepting NASA Funding


Note these are allegations at this point.

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READ: American universities are a soft target for China’s spies, say U.S. intelligence officials: University of Texas professor Bo Mao is the latest defendant in a string of U.S. criminal cases alleging Chinese spying in the academic world.

READ: Emory professor hit with criminal charge, linked to Chinese government program

READ: Former WVU professor pleads guilty to federal fraud charge involving Chinese government

READ: FBI arrests researcher for NASA who allegedly failed to report ties to China

AUSTRALIA: And it is not just an American problem. READ: China: their infiltration is more than astounding!

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