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Why you can’t believe China’s Communist Party?

Anyone who believes anything put out by China’s Communist Party needs to give their head a shake and the Hong Kong Free Press recently showed us why.

China’s Communist Party is taking advantage of the COVID crisis to crack down on those in Hong Kong seeking freedom and democracy. In the process, Communist China is also breaking its agreement with Great Britain allowing Hong Kong to remain a semi-autonomous state until 2047.

Many are opposed to recent legislation that Beijing ordered Hong Kong to pass that criminalizes any who disrespect China’s national anthem. And those opposed to the legislation decided to organize a protest.

The Global Times is one of the communist party’s official/unofficial propaganda machines and it made a major oopsy when it sent out a tweet condemning the protests as “illegal activities”:

“Hong Kong Police condemned the illegal activities of an online organization on Wednesday, including paralyzing traffic to encircle the legislative council of the HKSAR, and vowed to conduct strict law-enforcement and show no tolerance for illegal acts.”

They even cited a comment by the Hong Kong police who described the horrific conditions that happened during the protest.

Only one problem. The protest hadn’t happened yet and would not take place until the following day.

Surprise, surprise, China’s Communist Party promotes fake news.

READ: Chinese Media Quotes Hong Kong Police Condemning ‘Illegal’ Demonstration Before It Happened

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