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More evidence China is turning against Xi Jinping?

Hong Kong protestor egging poster of China’s current communist tyrant, Xi Jinping
Credit: Studio Incendo/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the people of China are turning against their megalomaniac dictator President Xi Jinping, who is forcing the country to take a hard left-turn back into communism.

A retired university professor Cai Xia was recently disciplined for describing Jinping as a ‘mob boss’ and the communist party as political zombies. Though she did not use Jinping’s name directly, the inference was clear.

According to reports, Cai Xia is the granddaughter of a revolutionary hero and formerly taught at the communist party’s elite Central Party School. In an interview with The Guardian, Xia said there is sweeping discontent with Jinping’s leadership but added that many are fearful of speaking up.

Breitbart adds:

Cai said the unnamed leader was using police and the military to turn “90 million Party members into slaves, tools to be used for his personal advantage.”

“When he needs it, he uses the Party. When he doesn’t need it, Party members are no longer treated as Party members. He can easily put you somewhere and label you as a corrupt official,” she said, hitting Xi in another soft spot: the perception that his endless crusades against corruption are just thinly-disguised political purges.

Ren Zhiqianq, a prominent property developer and communist party member, recently described Jinping as a ‘clown’ and was similarly disciplined.

According to Reuters, calls are increasing for Jinping to be replaced for his utter mismanagement of the economy and China’s rapidly deteriorating reputation around the world. Jinping is also accused of mishandling the COVID-19 crisis as it was the Chinese researchers who first reported that the virus leaked out of a high-level security lab in Wuhan. READ: Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory? Scientists believe killer disease may have begun in research facility 300 yards from Wuhan wet fish market

Previously two army generals took indirect shots criticizing the direction the China was going without specifically mentioning Jinping. It’s dangerous to even do that, but both generals must feel they have enough support within China to do that. READ: Prominent Chinese hawks warn Xi Jinping to avoid ‘serious mistakes’

READ: Chinese Professor Disciplined for Calling President Xi a ‘Mafia Boss’ AND President Xi Jinping is facing widespread opposition within his Communist Party and leading China into ‘disaster’, insider claims

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