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Was TikTok spying on its users?

For now, let’s just set aside the fact, that TikTok, one of the more popular social media apps in the world, is owned by a business in Communist China. TikTok is a popular video sharing app with about 800 million users and in some younger age groups it is starting to match YouTube in popularity.

Breitbart writes:

A report published on Friday suggests that the megapopular China-owned social media application TikTok was spying on users through a vulnerability in the latest version of Apple’s iOS smartphone firmware.

According to a report by Forbes, the popular social media platform TikTok may have been spying on millions of users by spying on data copied to their iPhones’ clipboard through a vulnerability in the latest iOS smartphone firmware.

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Apparently Forbes contacted TikTok about the problem and wrote:

According to TikTok, the issue is now “triggered by a feature designed to identify repetitive, spammy behavior,” and has told me that it has “already submitted an updated version of the app to the App Store removing the anti-spam feature to eliminate any potential confusion.” In other words: We’ve been caught doing something we shouldn’t, we’ve rushed out a fix.

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This is not the first time concerns have been raised about the App owned by a corporation in Communist China (or did I mentioned that already):

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READ: TSA bans employees from using TikTok

READ: State Department and DHS ban TikTok from government-issued devices

READ: Reddit CEO claims TikTok app is ‘fundamentally parasitic’ and spyware

According to reports, TikTok is the third most popular non-gaming app in the world and during the last quarter of 2019, it was the most downloaded app in the Apple App store.

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