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Is the Chinese Communist Party threatening a US pastor?

It is being alleged that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is trying to intimidate a Christian pastor living in the Midland, Texas, US. Because of the threats against his life, Pastor Bob Fu, along with his family, have gone into hiding with the help of the FBI.

Pastor Fu is founder of ChinaAid, an organization dedicated to exposing the persecution of Christians in Communist China and has repeatedly called for religious freedom in that tyrannical regime.

CBN explains:

Pastor Bob Fu, founder of the faith-based advocacy group ChinaAid, and his family are in a protected location while the FBI and CIA investigate threats against his life from suspected members of the Chinese Communist Party.  

The threats against Fu and his loved ones began Sept. 26, according to Patrick Payton, mayor of Midland, Texas. The mayor shared the information as protesters descended on Fu’s home, accusing him of being a spy for the CCP.

Payton said the Fus have since been relocated as the FBI and CIA are “heavily involved” in an investigation into the situation.

READ: Christian Pastor in US Facing Threats on His Life From Chinese Communist Party as Protesters Descend on Home

Ironically, the protestors at Fu’s home were accusing him of working for the Chinese Communist Party. However, a brief overview of the stories on ChinaAid quickly reveals a different story. READ: Update: Chengdu police continue to harass Elder Li Yingqiang AND China Aid volunteer recounts events relating to Midland police arrest of three Guo “protesters”

In a news release on the situation, ChinaAid alleges:

(Midland, TX—October 9, 2020) Bob Fu and ChinaAid are in danger. A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operative urged his supporters to eliminate Bob Fu and other renowned Chinese dissidents in late September. 

Instructions to eliminate Bob Fu and others have gone out over YouTube and other social media channels. Protestors demonstrated in front of Bob’s house on September 26th, threatening his wife and children.

The agenda is clear. Stop the Christian witness and any criticism of the Chinese Communist Party. 

READ: Update Link: CCP Operative in U.S. Urges Supporters—Eliminate Bob Fu


In a news release, US Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) expressed his concerns about the situation:

I am deeply concerned that since late September, Pastor Bob Fu, founder of the nonprofit ChinaAid, and his family have been the targets of outrageous slander, libel, and intimidation by suspected members of the Chinese Communist Party, and their enablers, and are at grave risk of serious bodily harm. They have been forced to flee their home in Midland, Texas after protestors in chartered buses arrived at their home. Pastor Fu and his family are currently under police protection.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hates Pastor Bob Fu—and other Chinese human rights activists living in the United States and elsewhere in the world—and are employing the big lie against Bob Fu in much the same way they do in China.

READ: Chris Smith (R-NJ): “U.S. law enforcement must immediately end CCP threats to Pastor Bob Fu, others”

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