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Black theologian calls social justice ‘cultural Marxism’

Voddie Baucham currently serves as the Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia. He is causing a stir, because he is coming out against the narrative of social justice comparing it to cultural Marxism. He says there is no such thing as social justice, there is only Biblical justice.

Dr. Baucham was recently had an interviewed by Glenn Beck, from The Blaze that writes:

He [Dr. Baucham] argues to Glenn that today’s social justice, anti-racism movements are steeped in Marxist critical theory and aim to redistribute justice to certain societal groups…with no consideration for individual man.

Dr Baucham refers to social justice and cultural Marxism in its various forms as “poisonous” ideologies:

Former pastor @VoddieBaucham REFUSES to stay silent against the “poisonous” ideologies of social justice and Marxism: “I am not willing to lay down my Bible and have anyone force me to agree with certain things.”

— Glenn Beck (@glennbeck) June 18, 2020

Faithwire reports on the interview:

“And what worries me about this, is that there are real problems. There are — there’s real racism.  There’s real evil.  There’s real hatred.  There’s real injustice. And the answer to those things, is a God who saves, through the Jesus Christ. That’s our message as Christians, right? Or at least it used to be.”

“Now the message is — the answer is something other than than the forgiveness that we find, through God in Christ. Now the answer is, somehow you have to do enough penance. And it’s been interesting to watch scenes of white people, literally kneeling and bowing and genuflecting, in repentance, you know, over their sin of — of white privilege. Or, you know, bias. Or conscious bias. Or unconscious bias. Or whatever else.”

Baucham says this is precisely why the social justice movement, while well-intentioned (by most) is ultimately problematic. 

“And the problem is, that this religion is promising salvation, somewhere other than God,” Baucham said. “And unfortunately, there are many Christians, who are sounding like they’re satisfied with this.”

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And I did a podcast on social justice, if you are interested:

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