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Confused yet: Politicians in action

It’s a confusing time to watch politicians as they respond to crisis. On one hand they were threatening to throw people in jail for breaking COVID lockdown rules while at the same time releasing hardened criminals from jail because they might catch the coronavirus. READ: Coronavirus mandates: These states are threatening fines, jail time and restrictions for people who ignore self-isolation orders AND Over 16K US inmates have been released as coronavirus crisis has progressed

So, keeping with that theme, Chicago politicians are demanding that its police officers work 12-hour daily shifts, without a break, until further notice. While at the same time threatening to defund the police because they are apparently no longer needed.

Fox News writes:

In Chicago, officers were reportedly ordered to work 12-hour shifts with no days off until further notice. All the while, critics — including elected officials — want to strip them of funding.

“This police system in Chicago and in the country is beyond repair, and so it’s absolutely within reason for people to say that we should tear this system down and start over,” Democratic state Rep. LaShawn Ford of Chicago told reporters outside police headquarters earlier this month, according to the Chicago Tribune.

READ: Cities call on cops to work overtime to quell unrest, despite ‘defund’ rallying cry

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports:

Eighteen people were killed in Chicago in a 24-hour span last month — the deadliest day in the Windy City in roughly six decades, according to a report…. The grim tally made May 31 the single most violent day Chicago has endured in roughly 60 years, according to data provided to the newspaper by the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

READ: 18 murders in 24 hours: Inside Chicago’s deadliest day in 60 years

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