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US Census: 47% jobless, 23% report uncontrollable worry

As Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer obstinately extended the stay-at-home orders in her state until June 12, 2020, despite a decline in new COVID cases, the U.S. Census Bureau published stats revealing the fallout from the lock down.

According to the Census:

Job Losses: Since March 13, 2020, 47% of people stated that either they or at least one person in their home reported reduced income because of the lock down. An additional 39% expected this to happen over the next month.

Worry and Fear: 30% of the adults reported feeling anxious or worried over half the days during the previous week and 23% reported uncontrollable worrying.

Depression indicators: 19% reported feeling down more than half the days the previous week and 21% reported losing interest in things they find fun or pleasurable.

Delayed medical attention: 38.7% said they have delayed seeking medical attention.

READ: U.S. Census Launches Weekly Coronavirus Report: 47% Jobless, 38% Delayed Medical Treatment

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