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So why did we lock down whole countries and states?

People are questioning why politicians locked down whole countries and states when it is the elderly who are most vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

A report released by Pennsylvania Department of Health revealed that the average age of people who died in that state from the Coronavirus was 80-years-old and 68% of them were living in long-term care facilities or nursing homes.

NOTE: At the time of this report, Pennsylvania had not reported a single death from the Coronavirus for those under the age of 29.

Pennsylvania was hard hit by the coronavirus and at the time the report was released, it had registered 4,505 deaths from the virus, though that is probably high. Typically, most states registered people dying of COVID-19, even if they had other underlying, life-threatening, health issues that could have been the cause.

READ: Pennsylvania Elder Care Crisis: Average Age COVID-19 Death Is 80, over 2/3 Deaths from Nursing Homes

In an article dated April 28, 2020, The Globe and Mail reported that 79% of the Coronavirus deaths in Canada involved people living in senior care homes or long term care facilities:

“Canadian seniors are suffering the most from COVID-19, with 79 per cent of all deaths in the country now connected to long-term care and seniors’ homes.”

And, of course, one wonders how many of the remaining 21% were elderly but not living in a care facility.

READ: Long-term care connected to 79 per cent of COVID-19 deaths in Canada

If the elderly and the ones with underlying health conditions are those most vulnerable to the coronavirus, why did we lock down full populations, instead quarantining the ones who actually needed it?

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