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Fresh air and sunshine curbs Coronavirus spread

According to Dr. Alan Penn, who serves on SAGE, the UK’s advisory board on the Coronavirus, people should get outdoors because fresh air and particularly sunshine curbs the coronavirus.

Penn suggests that people are more apt to catch the virus in confined indoor spaces than outdoors. This may explain why a recent survey of new coronavirus patients in New York discovered that 66% of the new cases involved people staying at home mandated by the state’s lockdown. The survey left many wondering if the state’s lockdown restrictions were actually making things worse.

Penn also added that the COVID-19 virus is damaged by the sun’s UV rays making it less susceptible to transmission.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Keith Neal, professor of epidemiology and the University of Nottingham agreed stating:

“How quickly it affects COVID-19 I have not seen any work, but viruses left on surfaces outside will dry out and be damaged by UV light in sunlight.

“I totally agree that outside is very much safer than inside – you can be further apart and conditions outside are less conducive to virus survival than inside.”

READ: Fresh air and sunshine CAN curb the spread of the coronavirus, says scientist on Government’s SAGE panel

Other studies are also showing that low levels of vitamin D are contributing factor to sickness severity and deaths in Coronavirus cases. Of course, sunlight converts cholesterol into vitamin D. READ: People with low levels of Vitamin D may be more likely to catch coronavirus and die from COVID-19 infection, study suggests

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