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Americans want their country back

Americans are rising up against the dystopian governors and bureaucrats who want to maintain the lockdown. Here are a few of the stories:

Elon Musk decided to re-open his Tesla factory in California after the governor gave the ok, but a minor official in the county where the factory is located puffed his chest and said no. Musk said he is reopening anyway, and said he will be on the factory floor, if the bureaucrat wants to arrest him. READ: Elon Musk Reopens Tesla Plant Against California County’s Orders

Things are not going so well for Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer who is trying to maintain her dystopian control of the state. Recently a judge dismissed the case against a barber who reopened his shop against Whitmer’s orders and a sheriff stated publicly he would no longer be enforcing Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders. READ: Michigan Judge Sides with Barber, Rejects Gretchen Whitmer Demand to Close Shop and Michigan Sheriff Won’t Enforce Whitmer’s Stay-at-Home Order

Several sheriffs in Pennsylvania say they will no longer be enforcing Gov. Tom Wolf’s stay-at-home orders saying they would not be turning people and businesses into criminals. Wolf hit back hard calling the sheriff’s “cowardly.” READ: As more PA sheriffs say they won’t enforce closure orders, Gov. Wolf threatens disobedient counties, calls them ‘cowardly’

In Fresno, California, patrons of a waffle restaurant tried to barricade the doors when city officials, with police back-up, arrived to cite the restaurant for opening on Mother’s Day. READ: Customers ‘barricaded’ Waffle Shop entrance as cop arrives to help cite owner for COVID-19 shutdown violation. Then the shoving begins.

The public outrage after a Texas judge sentenced a woman to seven days in jail and a $7,000 fine for reopening her hair salon, resulted in the Texas Governor ordering her release. Shelley Luther reopened her salon seven days earlier than allowed under the government lockdown transition, because she and fellow hairdressers needed food for their children. READ: Fundraiser for Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther explodes by the minute after she is jailed for refusing to close her business

Despite a threat of jail time and/or a fine of $1,000, a restaurant in Colorado opened up on Mother’s Day. Restaurants in that state are allowed to only handle take out orders. The owner was facing bankruptcy under the state’s lockdown orders. The restaurant was packed. READ: Colorado restaurant illegally reopens. Restaurant packs in hundreds of customers — with no social distancing in sight.

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