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Why the empty hospital beds?

It’s hard to imagine there would be empty hospital beds in the middle of this pandemic, but there are. A friend of ours recently suffered a serious health issue requiring medical attention. He told us that about a third of the beds on his ward are empty. He added when people leave, they are not being replaced with new patients.

A recent article on CTV News reported that the Emergency Wards at Toronto hospitals are almost half empty. It has gotten so bad that they are even reducing the number of nurses and completely shutting down wards as visits to ERs have dropped by as much as 40% in some hospitals.

This is becoming a concern because it seems that people requiring medical attention are avoiding ERs because of fears associated with the coronavirus.

One doctor told CTV:

“We’re seeing patients who have abdominal pain for a week and they come in and they’ve got a ruptured appendicitis.”

From the article:

“A new report estimates that there are now more than 11 thousand unoccupied beds in hospitals across Canada, both because of fewer ER visits and the fact that a staggering number of surgeries — almost 53 thousand — have been cancelled.

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