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More YouTube censorship on empty hospital beds?

According to tubefilter, YouTube is continuing to censor videos about COVID-19, that the Social Media giant does not agree with. In its article, tubefilter discussed a statement made by YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan, in an interview with Bloomberg. Among other things, Mohan commented on YouTube’s recent censorship activities: “YouTube is also on the hunt for videos that “might encourage people to flout stay-at-home orders,” and is now removing videos related to “#filmyourhospital,” Mohan said. (The latter is a social media hashtag that urges people to film apparently empty hospitals near them to “prove” there actually aren’t thousands of critically ill patients being cared for across the U.S.)” READ: The Pandemic Sparked A 75% Jump In Views For YouTube’s News Content, Chief Product Officer Says So why would YouTube want to yank what appear to be legitimate videos of empty beds in hospitals? Empty hospital beds are pretty common knowledge. I was recently talking to a friend who said that about a third of the beds on the floor where he is hospitalized are …

Why the empty hospital beds?

It’s hard to imagine there would be empty hospital beds in the middle of this pandemic, but there are. A friend of ours recently suffered a serious health issue requiring medical attention. He told us that about a third of the beds on his ward are empty. He added when people leave, they are not being replaced with new patients.