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Stanford Doctor gives five reasons to end the lockdown overreach now!

In an article for The Hill, Stanford Doctor, David Atlas, provided five reasons why governments must end their lockdowns:

  1. The vast majority of people don’t have anything to fear. Recent studies show a death rate of between .1% and .2%. WHO was wrong in its projections that were behind the lockdowns.
  2. Concentrate on isolating the elderly and this will prevent hospital overcrowding. Age is the strongest indicator that a person will need hospitalization for COVID-19. Only .01% of people under the age of 18 need hospitalization for COVID-19 and even those between the ages 65-74 only 1.7% require hospitalization.
  3. We need everyone to get the virus in order to stop it. We need to build up a herd immunity to COVID-19. Lockdowns just postpone people getting the disease. It drags things out.
  4. Hypothetical projections are wrong and reserving space for people who might get the virus is preventing others with serious illnesses and health issues from receiving the care they need.
  5. Don’t quarantine the whole world, concentrate those same resources on quarantining those most at risk, the elderly and people with underlying health issues. Spreading out our resources to those who don’t need them leaves gaps in the protection for those who do.

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