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The actual death rate for COVID-19 in New York City is…

This is always a tough topic to talk about, because real people are dying. Families are in mourning over lost loved ones. But we need to talk about it, because high death rates from the COVID-19 are the stats used by politicians to justify the lock down of cities, states and provinces.

But study after study is showing us that the death rates are highly exaggerated. The computer models used to project death rates are not only wrong, but they are outrageously wrong.

When you look at death rate statistics, the important thing to remember is that in most cases they are based on those who were sick enough to seek medical attention and got tested. The vast, majority of the people who come down with the virus show little to no symptoms and have no need to see a doctor.

And a study out of New York just confirmed this, once again. A recent testing of 1,300 random people outside supermarkets at various locations around the city found that 21% had COVID-19 antibodies. This meant these people had the disease and successfully fought it off. If these tests are accurate and the results holds true for the full population, this means that 1.7 million New Yorkers have had the virus.

Of course, the New York mayor spun this number as a scare tactic suggesting the coronavirus is more wide spread than thought and more diligence is needed.

But is this a scary number as the mayor claims, or is it actually very good news?

The recent stats for New York City read 142,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 10,300 confirmed deaths, resulting in a death rate of 7.3%. That is a scary number.

But what happens if you include the other 1.7 million people showing positive for the virus antibodies. They have the antibodies, because they had the disease.

When we include them, the death rate collapses to .006%. Those are flu percentages. Even if we include those suspected of dying of COVID-19, the percentage climbs to .009%.

In the province I live in, we have had nearly four times as many people die from the flu, this flu season, than COVID-19. It took me two minutes to find that information.

But is the mainstream media reporting that? Of course, not.

READ: Antibody study finds 21% of New York City residents has had COVID-19

There is no doubt, we need to quarantine those with underlying health issues and the elderly and those working with them, but not the whole state or province.

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