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Are we in the early stages of creating a police state?

Viva Frei, a Montreal lawyer, is one of my favorite lawyers posting videos on YouTube. He reviews lawsuits, and somehow manages to make dry, mind-numbing legalese interesting and entertaining. I recommend you follow him.

In the video, which I recommend you watch to get all the details, he reviews a lawsuit against the Wisconsin police by a 16-year-old girl who along with her parents was allegedly threatened with arrest if the young girl did not take down an Instagram post.

Frei states that everything in this lawsuit are just allegations until proven in a court of law.

He starts off his video with this statement:

“When the government fears the people you have liberty, when the people fear the government you have tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

To briefly sum up her lawsuit, the young girl alleges she came down with COVID-19 symptoms shortly after returning home from a school sponsored trip. This included difficulty breathing, and because of these symptoms she ended up in the hospital twice where her doctor allegedly said that she probably had COVID-19.

She then made a couple of (Instagram) posts stating that she had caught COVID-19 but was now doing fine. After she made these posts, the school reported her to the police concerned alleging she was spreading unnecessary fear. The police then showed up at the family home, threatening to arrest her and/or her parents for disorderly conduct if she did not remove the post.

The young girl took down her post and her parents have since launched a First Amendment lawsuit against the police alleging that the police had violated their daughter’s right to free speech.

When he first heard of the story, Frei initially thought it was fake or exaggerated news, but after reading the lawsuit he said:

“If these allegations can be substantiated, what a strange world we are living in.” — Viva Frei, Lawyer YouTuber

He then adds towards the end of his video, if these allegations are found true:

“This really is next level police state and I mean police state literally.” — Viva Frei, Lawyer YouTuber

Frei ends his video with this statement:

“Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.”

Benjamin franklin

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