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Justin Bieber’s Instagram post on God’s forgiveness receives nearly one million likes

Justin Bieber has nearly 133 million followers on Instagram and because of his remarkable conversion to Christ, the pop star is having an incredible influence for the Gospel.

Over Easter he posted posted the following message to his Instagram followers encouraging them to receive Jesus’s free gift of salvation:

It read in part:

We don’t have to earn gods love, we just get to accept the free forgiveness that only Jesus offers! It’s that simple! Accept and receive !! not earn and deserve! I AM GRATEFUL THIS EASTER THAT JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD SO THAT I NO LONGER HAVE TO DIE AND BE UNCERTAIN OF WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT BUT I KNOW I WILL GRADUATE TO A PLACE WHERE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PAIN!!


The post that went up on April 11 had 967,060 likes by April 15, 2020.

But Justin’s influence doesn’t stop there. He has over 111 million followers on Twitter, over 53 million subscribers on YouTube and over 77 million people following his Facebook page.

If you have a moment pray for Justin and his wife Hayley Baldwin, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin.

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