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Does COVID-19 have an eight week cycle?

A study comparing how the virus spreads in regions with full lockdown and those without, indicates such lockdowns are having little effect on the spread of the virus, but devastating consequences on the respective economies. As a result of this analysis, the head of Israel’s Space Agency, Dr. Isaac Ben-Israel, is recommending that Israel end its lockdown.

Their study also showed that COVID-19 has an eight-week cycle. The rate of infections increases up to four to six weeks, and then begins to subside.

“This is how it is all over the world. Both in countries where they have taken closure steps like Italy and in countries that have not had closures like Taiwan or Singapore. In such and such countries there is an increase until the fourth to sixth week, and immediately thereafter moderation until during the eighth week it disappears.” — Dr. Isaac Ben-Israel, Daily Wire

READ: Israeli Study Suggests Lockdown Has No Effect On Coronavirus Timeline, Says Israeli Space Agency Chair

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