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MORE HOPE: Stanford Biophysicist Michael Levitt predicts the Coronavirus plague will end sooner than expected

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Stanford Biophysicist Michael Levitt predicts that the COVID-19 or Coronavirus will be over sooner than most people expect.

Levitt is not just any Biophysicist, in 2013, he won a Nobel Prize for his work in chemistry.

The Stanford professor did not receive a word from God like Prophet Shawn Bolz did at the end of February who predicted a quick slowing down of the disease while also suggesting the pandemic was exaggerated.

Instead, the Nobel Laureate analyzed the data from 78 countries that reported over 50 cases of COVID-19. And he was not looking at the total number of people being afflicted with the virus in these countries or the number of celebrities who have caught it, but rather the reports of new cases of the virus.

The growth of new cases is a reflection of how fast the disease is spreading and even Italy that has been in the COVID-19 limelight for several weeks is now reporting a decline in new cases.

And based on this, Levitt concluded there are “clear signs of slowed growth.”

He told the LA Times:

“The real situation is not as nearly as terrible as they make it out to be. We’re going to be fine.”

Michael Levitt, Los Angeles Times

And like Bolz, Levitt suggested that millions of people will not die from the virus and it is not going to last for months or even years as some are predicting.

Though he was reluctant to predict how quickly it will end, Levitt said, “what we need is to control the panic” because it is not as bad as everyone is saying.

Levitt’s prediction is in stark contrast to many models predicting exponential growth.

Part of the reason this exponential growth is not accurate, Levitt said, is because many people have a natural resistance to the virus and in some cases even an immunity. He pointed to the cruise ship Diamond Princess that was stuck out at sea for weeks because of COVID-19. He noted that even in that confined setting only “20 percent” of the people on board were infected with the virus.

Certainly there is reason for concern because COVID-19’s mortality rate is significantly higher than the flu, but even with that Levitt said “it’s not the end of the world.”

According to the LA Times, so far this flu season, the flu has infected 36 million people in the US, killing an estimated 22,000.

Though Levitt acknowledges that certain health measures, such as social distancing, has helped, he is concerned about the potential impact some of these measures might have on the economy because of the resulting poverty and hopelessness that could result.


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