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Bolz clarifies prophetic word on COVID-19, millions will not die

On March 10th, I published an article on a prophetic word released by Shawn Bolz about COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. Bolz is considered by many to have a prophetic voice in Charismatic circles.

I appreciate his willingness to put his prophetic gifting on the line like this because his prophetic word was in utter contrast to the current media and government sentiments about the pandemic.

In this prophetic word, Bolz said that God told him the plague would soon be ending:

“The Lord is saying ‘I am removing the threat of this.’ Within a short amount of time the extreme threat will feel like it is in the way past.’”

Shawn Bolz, Prophetic Word

But that is not what the media and government agencies are reporting. According to an article published by the Daily Mail, the Robert Koch Institute, a government agency in Germany responsible for monitoring disease, warned that the disease could go on for two years.

Bolz also stated that the fears associated with the Coronavirus, driven in part by the media, has been “exaggerated” and of course there have been several reports about panic buying in stores leaving shelves completely empty. There have even been knife fights over toilet paper.

The Fox News article about Shawn Bolz’s prophecy was read by millions of people and in a recent interview with Charisma News, Bolz shared that though Fox News accurately represented the prophetic word, the article did not include certain aspects of his prophecy.

In his word, Bolz also said:

“They’re going to say that millions will die, but millions won’t die, especially in America.”

Shawn Bolz, Prophetic Word

Meanwhile, based on its computer models, London’s Imperial College said without immediate action it projected that 2.2 million Americans could potentially die of the Coronavirus and over a half a million in the United Kingdom.

Others have projected that deaths tolls worldwide from the Coronavirus epidemic could surpass 20 million. So certainly, Bolz’s prophetic word flies in the face of some of these projections.

In his prophetic word Bolz also saw the US economy rebounding and America would enter one of the most prosperous times in US history after Trump wins his second term in office.

In contrast, the media is reporting the stock market free fall because of fears associated with the Coronavirus. The collapse has been so rapid, that sales at stock markets have automatically shut down to stop the sell off.

In an effort to stop the spread of the disease, many governments are also implementing quarantine measures that include closing all but essential businesses. People are being laid off. Some are now warning that this pandemic could cause a recession.

But according to Bolz’s prophetic word, this down turn will be wiped out by the positive gains that will take place over the next three years.

Bolz added most of the media and government projections are missing one key element — because of prayers, God is involved in this crisis.

Bolz also said that this crisis would have a beneficial result for the church adding that “God wants to give the church media space and social media space and internet real estate.”

And this is exactly what is happening. As churches are closing down their Sunday services, many are turning to the internet and broadcasting their Sunday services online.

Bolz’s prophetic word provides hope in the face of everything we read in the media about the COVID-19. He has taken a huge risk and I give him credit for that. We will see what happens over the next few months.

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