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The new violent enemy of the Evangelical church: Radical feminists

Aerial photograph of Tübingen, Germany Credit: Dktue/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

In the past we could hold different opinions. If you didn’t agree with someone, you would agree to disagree.

But that is rapidly changing. Increasingly, we see a world where radical groups are resorting to violence in an effort to intimidate those who don’t hold similar opinions into silence.

Shortly after Christmas, an Evangelical church in Tübingen, Germany was attacked resulting in damage estimated at 40,000 Euros ($45,000US). The vandals set fire to the congregation’s mini-bus parked on the street in front of the church and as well spray painted the church building.

Attacks on churches are definitely on the increase, but what was unusual about this one was the source of the attack.

According to the National Catholic Register, a radical group of feminists, who called themselves the “Feminist Autonomous Cell” (FAC) claimed in a post on line that they were behind the vandalism.

In their diatribe, the group said it attacked the church because of its “anti-feminist” views and its pro-life stand.

Then a few days later, the same group claimed it was behind the attack on St Elizabeth church in Berlin. The church is about 321 miles (516.6 kilometers) from Tübingen, revealing the reach of this group. Either they are willing to travel or more likely have extremists members living in both communities.

St. Elizabeth’s walls were spray painted and FAC said the attack was because the church was serving as a host for those participating in the March for Life that is held each year in Germany.

The previous year, the church held an event leading up to the rally and FAC referred to the speakers at this event as “fundamentalist, anti-trans, homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynist, patriarchal and right-wing conservatives.”

The same group also torched the car of Gunnar Schupelius, a pro-life journalist, and then went the next step and published the address of Schupelius’ home in an effort to intimidate the journalist.

Today, if you don’t agree with their extremist views, these radicals feel they are justified in attacking you.

In some ways, this change from discussion to violence, is a fulfillment of a promise Jesus made about the end of the age, leading to Christ’s second return.

Jesus said the earth would become like the Days of Noah (Luke 17:26).

So what were the Days of Noah like?

Well of course, the thing that immediately comes to mind is the worldwide flood, but God promised never to judge the world like that again (Genesis 9:11).

But Genesis provides a graphic description of the Days of Noah:

11 Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence.

Genesis 6:11 ESV

The Hebrew word for filled, mala, means abundance or fullness. But it also has another strange meaning, it means to be satisfied. In other words, there will be such rage and anger in people, that acts of violence is the only way to satisfy these intense, inner urgings.


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